The construction business is a small world. When a job is poorly done, when corners are cut and the work is shabby, word gets around. But when the work is handled correctly — on budget and on time — people notice that, too. We take pride in the fact that more than nine times out of ten, we work on jobs for people we have built for in the past or people who have heard good things about our work from previous clients.

Farha Construction is sized to offer clients the best of both worlds. We are staffed sufficiently to handle large projects and maintain a carefully-selected list of subcontractors for work as needed. And though we are far from being a two-man shop, owners Ed and Ted are actively involved in every project. Client concerns don’t get lost in a hierarchy. We print our cell phone numbers on our business cards; we answer your calls; we make sure things are right.

Clients know what they are in for when they hire us. Quality. Honesty. Integrity. Achieving those ideals does not happen by accident. Over the years, we have carefully developed a system of operational checks and balances to assure accuracy and accountability in every phase of business. We have attracted and retained what we honestly believe to be the best superintendents in the trade and give them the responsibility and the authority to deliver Farha quality on the job site.

- 95% of Our Business is Repeat or Referral -

What Farha Construction means to Bokeh Development can be described as a partnership with gifted builders, engaged listeners and an economical contractor. But what keeps us returning is their advocacy to the client.

- Michael Ramsey

We had a very nice experience while working with Farha Construction. We appreciate the employees' dedication from the beginning stages until every detail was finished exactly how we wanted it.

- Anne Tandoc

Working with the Farha Construction team was a wonderful experience. Their wide range of expertise and ability to think "outside the box" when needed was key in making our space the unique office environment we were hoping to achieve.

- Jeremy Luginbill