Felipe’s Restaurant

“For a family operation, a building is more than just a place to work. It’s a way to tell people who we are.”

The story starts way back in 1967 when Felipe and Lucy Lujan open a Mexican restaurant. Their business, like the food it served, was very good.

Fast forward past several expanded locations of the business to 2009 when Felipe’s sons, Felipe Jr. and Poncho, dedicated themselves to continuing the legacy their father and mother began over 40 years ago. After months of careful study, looking, and planning – and with Lucy’s blessing, the newest Felipe’s restaurant opened.

Project Details

  • Farha asked to build new family restaurant a fresh feel that paid homage to the family’s history
  • West-side site mixes modern Mexican decor with the traditional
  • Layout includes a dramatic water feature
  • Site of Wichita’s largest outdoor al fresco patio